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Just two miles from Ballylongford one comes to the Carrigafoyle Castle, a tower house built in 1490 by Conor Liath O Connor Kerry. It is in unusually good condition.

It is built of thin pieces of limestone, used almost as bricks. There are some attractive windows. This is a very fine example of 15th century building. The illustration in Pacata Hiberna shows the unique features of this castle. The castle was strongly built and ingeniously situated.

A wide spiral staircase of 104 steps leads to the battlements and in presentation and size it rivals Blarney Castle. It rises to 26.4 meters and gives an impression of great strength. The view from the tower is extensive. In the forefront Carrig Island and Scattery Island can be seen across the broad estuary of the Shannon.

Carrigafoyle Castle was the main stronghold of the O Connor Kerry, the principal chieftain of this barony named after him. For 400 years they were an important part of the ever changing political and military jigsaw of those times. From here O Connor Kerry was able to intercept ships going up the Shannon to Limerick, board them and take a part of their cargo. This practice continued until the middle of the 16th century.

In the Desmond wars,in 1580, the castle came under fire from naval artillery on land and sea, under the command of Sir William Pelham.Following a two day siege the castle was breached and taken on Palm Sunday 1580.All the occupants, comprising nineteen Spanish and fifty Irish were massacred.

Opposite the castle is the medieval Church of Carrigafoyle which is in the same style as the castle. Carrigafoyle Castle is one of our finest national monuments.




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